ODD PEARS Azz Two Blue Socks, One White Sock

  • $19.00

Oh AZZ, the socks that divide the office. What is it exactly? We don’t know. Must there be an answer to everything? If you’re even remotely OCD, then these cool socks may not be for you. But to all the crazy socks kids out there who like to keep everyone guessing, we made these just for you! If you like a little bit of danger on toast mixed with hot sauce and mushy peas, then we’ve figured you out…we think! Okay maybe it might take a team of anthropologists working around the clock for years to figure those who love AZZ out, but we’re there right alongside you! So if you’ve always wondered why you felt so connected to Donnie from the Wild Thornberrys, then don’t worry, we’ve found the connection. Grab yourself a pear of AZZ and let the good times get weird.

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